School Overview

Hopetoun Primary School is a Level 4 Primary School situated in the seaside town of Hopetoun on the south coast of the state. Hopetoun is approximately 50km south of Ravensthorpe and 200kms west of Esperance. The population of the town is approximately one thousand one hundred (1,100) and continues to grow.


School Grounds and Buildings: The School was officially opened in mid 2007 and has been in operation since January 2007. The grounds are extensive with gardens developing. A series of organic gardens, and a vegetable garden "Little Patch of Hope" tended by students, are within the school grounds. The School has an agreement with the local Shire for the use of the town oval which shares its boundary with the School. The School also has a multi- purpose court which is marked for tennis, basketball and netball and can be used for a variety of other sporting activities. The enclosed undercover area is a part of the main area of the school. The Schools main buildings are sandstone and blue in colour and depict the sand and ocean which is in close proximity. The buildings have state of the art facilities including wireless networks, collegiate areas and a shared wet area.


There are two designated Early Childhood teaching areas, general classroom areas, a purpose built library and two transportable classrooms which are used for the middle/upper school teaching areas.


2017 is an important milestone for the school as it marks 10 years of providing education to students from very diverse backgrounds. To mark this important milestone many families joined the "name your brick" project. Visitors to the school can view these commemorative bricks at the school's main entry point.


The School opened in 2007 with 119 students the majority of which were linked to the construction phase of the nearby mine. The School’s enrolments have increased to a maximum of 248 and then swung low to 60 when the nearby mine ceased operation. Student numbers in  2017 are 82.



The School is developing its own culture and this is due to the committed staff. Current staffing is 7.8 FTE. A Principal, Deputy Principal (with a 0.4 FTE teaching load) and 6 teaching staff along with a Manager Business and Corporate Services (1.0 FTE), School Officer (0.2 FTE), Education Assistants (1.5 FTE) and a Library Officer (0.3 FTE) make up our staffing compliment. The demonstrated capacity of the staff to work as a cohesive team provides not only high level achievement but stability and security for all children at the school. The staff are receptive, responsive and proactive to new educational developments, initiatives and practices.



As the School is relatively new, the community support has been outstanding. Parents assist the School in many levels from running the mobile canteen, Uniform Shop, fundraising, helping at busy bees, classroom helpers and developing policy and procedures through the P & C and School Council.


The School offers a stimulating learning environment and this is assisted by the generosity of the whole school community.


Special programs in the School include Whole School Arts program and Physical Education. Sporting programs include, Interm Swimming, Cricket, Netball, Tennis, Football and Athletics (Inter and Intra School).


Information technology is a high profile learning area in the School. Students are exposed to and participate in a variety of learning technologies through a focus on embedment in all classroom activities. The School has a portable trolley with 33 Ipads and mini Ipads that links to a series of Interactive Whiteboards, Data Projectors and the Internet. Each teaching area has access to  computers. The library includes a computer lab.


The Schools values and beliefs mirror the Strategic Plan for WA Public Schools 2016 – 2019, the West Australian Curriculum, Framework, and are also complimented by the You Can Do It! Program which is integrated into each classroom.